Top 5 Canadian photographers you should follow on Instagram right now

By Anastasia Barbuzzi

Luckily for photographers, all millennial eyes are glued to one photo-sharing app: Instagram. So far in 2019, it seems that Canadian photographers are racking up major followings for their talents. From one curated grid to the next, their feeds are a limitless display of colour, style, and adventure inspiration. Not only are some of the most popular Canadian photographers mustering up the imaginations of people across the globe with ultra-stimulating content, they’re also killing it off the ‘gram with side businesses and charitable movements. Here’s five accounts that you should be stalking right now.

Callum Snape - 793k followers

With one of the largest digital audiences within the outdoor and travel industry, Callum Snape treats his native British Columbia as a natural playground. His vibrant shots of Canada’s landscapes and wildlife make the North seem otherworldly.

Photo courtesy Callum Snape via calsnape on Instagram

Angela Liddon - 625k followers

Angela Liddon pioneered the healthy vegan lifestyle movement back in 2008 when she was living in Toronto, where she kickstarted her blog, Oh She Glows. She’s amassed her 625,000 followers by photographing all of her own recipes and talking about her health and wellness journey. She now has two cookbooks: The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out and Oh She Glows Everyday: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant Based Recipes.

Photo courtesy Angela Liddon via ohsheglows on Instagram

The First Mess - 248k followers

Hailing from St. Catharines, Ont., Laura Wright is a professionally trained cook and vegan chef. As well as the author of The First Mess Cookbook and food photographer of all her own content. The pictures on Wright’s blog, also called The First Mess, look good enough to eat themselves.

Photo courtesy Laura Wright via thefirstmess on Instagram

Jamal Burger - 184k followers

Based in Toronto, Jamal Burger photographs sports and lifestyle subjects in the downtown area with an emphasis on street style. He also helped found The Kickback - an initiative that puts brand new and lightly worn sneakers into the hands of adolescents who can use them. Burger has also worked with big-name clients such as Nike and HYPEBEAST.

Photo courtesy Jamal Burger via jayscale on Instagram

Chris Smart - 48.3k followers

Famed for his fashion week street style photos, Chris Smart is an internationally published photographer that masterfully captures the subtleties of a candid photo. Smart shoots in a clean, crisp and editorial style and his Insta-posts will have you coming back for outfit inspo on the daily.

Photo courtesy Chris Smart via csmartfx on Instagram