We're looking for fresh faces to join our team!


CanCulture Magazine is hiring Section Editors for its 2019 masthead.

CanCulture is now an RCDS student group, and we are looking for people passionate about Canadian arts and culture to join our team. CanCulture needs section editors that are excited to contribute to a growing publication at Ryerson.


As a section editor, you will work closely with other members of the masthead and writers to produce weekly content in the form of articles or video. Section editors assign weekly stories to writers and are responsible for one-to-one contact and support for the writer, providing copy edits, ensuring the story stays within CP style guidelines and CanCulture guidelines. A CanCulture editor must also be available for a weekly masthead meeting and must be able to work well in a team. This is a volunteer position. 

Positions available:

Arts Editor

Features Editor

Music Editor

Food Editor

Film Editor

Photo Editor

How to apply:

To apply, please send the following information to our editor-in-chief nadia.brophy@ryerson.ca

  • Cover letter describing why you want to join our team and the position for which you are applying

  • Resume

  • Three samples of past work

Deadline: January 12th, 2019