10 Canadian fashion bloggers to look out for this year

By Aya Baradie

Instagram has become an increasingly popular platform for everyone to showcase their fashion blogging talents. From crazy patterns to pastel pinks, we believe these ten Canadian fashion bloggers have a lot of inspiration to offer fashion enthusiasts everywhere:

cara jourdan.png

1. Cara McLeay (@carajourdan)

Followers: 219K

What you can expect: sundresses and major hairstyle inspo

Where: Vancouver, BC



2.  Qing (@qingaling)

Followers: 37.7K

What you can expect: a grey and pink aesthetic with a whole lot of coffee

Where: Toronto, Ont.


Sarah Hasni.png

3. Sarah Hasni (@sarahhasni)

Followers: 30.4K

What you can expect: chic, parisian outfits with a beautifully-styled turban

Where: Montreal, QC


abdulla khatib.png

4. Abdulla Khatib (@absdulla)

Followers: 9.3K

What you can expect: an array of different styles from a vintage 60s look to relaxed puffer vests.

Where: Toronto, Ont.


Xander vintage.png

5. Alanna Durkovich (@xandervintage)

Followers: 221K

What you can expect: urban street style with ever-changing hair colours and styles

Where: Vancouver, BC



6. Mo Handahu (@Misslionhunter)

Followers: 47.3K

What you can expect: crazy, vibrant prints and the biggest smile you’ll ever see

Where: Halifax, NS



7. Farahdhukai

Followers: 5.9M

What you can expect: beauty tutorials and everyday life hacks for skin and hair care

Where: Toronto, Ont.


8. Amanda Monty

Followers: 39.5K

What you can expect: an endless array of pastel-coloured outfits, with a huge emphasis on pink

Where: Hamilton, Ont.


9. Jonathan Cavaliere (@Themrcavaliere)

Followers: 18.6K

What you can expect: a combination of relaxed and sophisticated; a suit paired with sneakers

Where: Toronto, Ont.




10. Lady Divine (@uhmlady)

Followers: 50.7K

What you can expect: taking minimalism and streetwear to a whole new level

Where: Edmonton, AB