Spring in Canada: Fashion trends to stay on top of this upcoming season

By Mia Maaytah

Although this winter seems to be endless, spring is approaching and Toronto designers have been busy cultivating new fashion trends for the city.

In the past, spring has been an opportunity to softly reintroduce colour back into our closets and a time to pair lightweight material with classic, dainty jewelry. However, this year the trends seem to be roaring into existence with bright red and green pieces, mixed with eccentric patterning and bold accessories.

This year, bold is an understatement, as all shapes, colours, patterns and types of fabrics are skillfully crafted together.

Major designers such as Coach, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade New York have hit the runway featuring designs that incorporate fusions of primary colours and classic patterns like stripes and polka dots.

Photo courtesy of coach on Instagram

Feature image courtesy of Rex Leung and Ryan Feng via marcjacobs on Instagram

Photo courtesy of katespadeny on Instagram

Not all runway attire is exactly suitable for the constant hustle and bustle of the working crowd in Toronto. Sara Duke, a Toronto-based independent fashion designer and Ryerson University graduate, just released her new collection of pieces that encompass both style and functionality.

Made with all Canadian material, Duke says she strives to create clothes that are not only rich in quality, but are also suitable for day-to-day use in their comfort and versatility.

Photo courtesy of sarasaraduke on Instagram

“Overall, spring this year is a lot darker. There is a lot of primary colours being used,” said Duke “Everything is sort of darker and duller and grittier as far as colours go, plus, stripes. Stripes are a big deal.”

Duke’s designs feature timeless T-shirts, dresses and pants that are handcrafted and targeted toward a working woman. Her use of dark blues and baby pinks fit the trendy theme of the blending of contrasting colour palettes. Her neat use of stripes adds a classic aspect to her spring 2019 collection.

Photo courtesy of sarasaraduke on Instagram

Although Duke remains trendy with her creations, she said she does not rely on pieces made by major designers as an outline. Instead, she uses fashion forecasting brought to her by fabric contractors.

“When I build a collection, I look at what did really well from the collections before that. I look at what shapes and styles did really well,” she said.

“I don’t really pay attention to runway stuff. I pay attention to my customer, because this is clothing that needs to be practical enough to be worn in public.”

Numerous other Canadian designers share Duke’s vision. They aim to satisfy their customers by staying updated with the global fashion trends while ensuring practicality.

Kollar Clothing, a Canadian fashion line for men, recently showcased their spring collection. It offers a rugged, yet classy approach for the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy of kollarclothing on Instagram

Kollar Clothing’s denim jackets and pants are paired with sleek button-up shirts and black leather jackets. The brand’s newest line follows the ominous theme of dark hues, accented with touches of pastel purple on a patterned, collared T-shirt.

Andrew Coimbra, a clothing line based in Toronto, reverses the trend of a primarily deep colour palette, as their Spring 2019 collection is alive with colour and vibrancy.

Photo courtesy of andrewcoimbra on Instagram

This collection features both casual and elegant styles. It offers felt blazers and simple white T-shirts. The blend of bright colours and busy patterns, accented with pops of black and navy blue, make the line fresh and unique.

As comfort is a concern for many practical brands, some Canadian artists do not miss an opportunity to dazzle their clientele with dressier pieces. Greta Constantine, a women’s clothing label founded by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, released a new collection for the upcoming season featuring fairytale-like designs for fancier occasions.

Photo courtesy of Peter Tamlin via gretaconstantine on Instagram

This collection’s pieces range from dresses, to jumpsuits, to matching two-pieces. Pickersgill and Wong followed this season’s stripe trend just like Duke, in a couple of designs. Their Spring 2019 line features cheetah print and primarily metallic fabrics. The collection is unique and bold, in comparison to other Canadian designers’ newest lines.