Sipping the bubble tea: Toronto’s best spots

By Ashley Alagurajah

Calling all bubble tea lovers! Toronto is one of the most diverse places in the world. That means getting to enjoy delicacies from all over the globe in this evolving Canadian city.

Bubble tea, a drink straight from Taiwan, finds its popularity in the city due to the increasing number of cultures making their way to Canada, one of the largest groups being those of Asian heritage. Bubble tea has stolen the hearts of many, both those from Taiwan and those who aren’t.

It is a drink usually served cold that consists of tea and milk of various flavours – topped with most commonly tapioca pearls. There are countless variations of the drink, some made with purely tea, others topped with custard and aloe vera. No matter what your preference is, the infinite combinations will allow for you to find a drink just right for you.

With the growing number of shops popping up in the city, CanCulture did some digging to find out where the best bubble tea is served in downtown Toronto. For now, Real Fruit Bubble Tea, Chatime, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, and Bubble Republic Tea House go neck and neck to see who does the original - black milk tea with tapioca - best.