Flashback Films: Les Boys

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB6H1RzxzR0[/embed] Les Boys is the perfect combination of comedy, hockey, crime and sex all mixed into a typical underdog story.

The film revolves around a seemingly untalented amateur hockey team that is sponsored by a gambling pub owner. Director Louis Saia depicts almost every kind of male stereotype within the group of amateur hockey players in the film. From a womanizing police officer to a gay lawyer.

The story unravels when the pub owner, Stan (Remy Girard), loses a pocket game to the town’s top organized crime leader, Meo (Pierre Lebeau). While owing $50,000 to , Stan is at risk of losing the very thing that means the most to him, his pub that all of his friends come to hang out. As a last resort, Stan makes a wager with the gangster. Stan will be pardoned of all debt if his hockey team wins against the gangster’s team.

The film proceeds by presenting a number of other sub storylines within the film. Saia was successful at making sure that each character had a distinct personality and not a single one of them fell flat during the film.

Generally, the team is unaware of the existence of the wager until halfway through the match. Some were left angered and most were left determined to win, in desire to rescue their friend from losing everything he knows. Thus, providing a quintessential motivational ending.

Saia formulated a classic underdog story that always adds an attractive quality to any movie. Throughout the entire film, you cannot help but want for the unlikely group of friends to succeed.

Les Boys is not like most comedic films with more of slap-stick style of comedy, making viewers on the brink of tears from laughing so hard. Instead, this film had a more subtle and light-hearted form of comedy. It may be a style that some might not enjoy but needless to say the film have other charming qualities to it that make it appealing to wide range of people.

Les Boys initially was released in 1997 and created in Quebec. It was also the first film of a very successful French-Canadian film series. It made over $8 million in the North American box office.