Flashback Film: eXistenZ

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAdbdUt_h9M[/embed] When you believe that virtual reality is reality, confusion is inevitable. For the 1997 science fiction thriller eXistenZ, directed by David Cronenberg, a focus group for a video game goes terribly wrong as the players seem to be playing a game within a game, within a game.

Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a famous video game designer that gets attacked by one of her crazy fans while presenting one of her new games to a focus group. Ted (Jude Law), a businessman at the focus group, soon becomes Allegra’s bodyguard as they try to figure out why people are trying to kill her.

The two are then forced to play Allegra’s new game, eXistenZ, which involves unbelievable realistic virtual reality. However, as the film reaches its end, we soon realize that the characters were playing a game within a game, within a game. In “reality” the two are a couple that went to a focus group for a new virtual reality game created by a big shot game designer. Ted and Allegra created the storyline within there minds, which evidently foreshadowed the very last scene of the film.

Cronenberg created a film that would be very disturbing and confusing for many viewers. The film depicts extremely psychotic and strange behaviour, specifically from the characters.

In general, Cronenberg had an ambitious storyline that could have been a lot more engaging than what the actual outcome came to be . The story was executed in a way that made the main characters fall flat. Also, the sequencing of the story was all over the place. As a result it takes a while for you to actual grasp what is going on and why.

However, although the story fell flat, the actors flourished in their roles. Law and Leigh managed to portray their characters in an extremely believable fashion.

eXistenZ may have been a game within a game, within a game that entranced its players, but the film film definitely failed to entrance its viewers.