Toronto Cafés for Every Occasion

By: Kayla Zhu

Does your mood fluctuate as much as Toronto's weather? We've narrowed down a short list of cozy cafes in the downtown core that serve different purposes depending on what it is you're looking for, check it out!

Jimmy’s Coffee (84 Gerrard St. West)

Great for: Everything! Meetings, studying or even just chatting with friends

Jimmy’s is a veteran face in Toronto’s café scene, with eight locations scattered across the city. What makes the Gerrard Street location especially appealing is its spacious three-floor interior, reminiscent of a cozy, Victorian house. The first floor is great for chats over coffee while the third floor doubles as a rental space for meetings.

The second floor is the study hub, with spacious tables and single booth spots lined along the walls. An abundance of outlets, comfy cushions and a quiet but diligent ambiance make it the perfect spot to sip various “Jimmy”-named blends (including Dean, Hendrix and Hoffa) and grind through some assignments. Jimmy’s also offers an impressive assortment of pastries and finger food for your mid-study snack fix.  

The Black Canary Espresso Bar (329 Yonge St.)

Great for: Studying, people watching and reading

The Black Canary Espresso Bar is somewhat of a hidden spot, making up a small corner of the beloved Silver Snail comic bookstore. They’ve got a few tables and single bar stools along the window, making it the perfect spot to get some work done while gazing out onto the hustle and bustle of Yonge Street. There’s something cozy and a little special about being tucked away in a secret corner of the lively Yonge and Dundas area that really gets those productive juices flowing. Also, the expansive windows give the space lots of natural light, perfect for leisure reading or journalling.

Their menu consists of classic espressos, Americanos and macchiatos while incorporating some more eclectic recipes like banana hot chocolate and Nutella lattés. They’ve also got a few food options for hungry comic book perusers and hardworking students.

And, if you’re into life-sized character figures, you’ll encounter plenty of those at this establishment.

Dineen Coffee (140 Yonge St.)

Great for: Casual meetups, catching up with friends


Within the café-goer scene, Dineen Coffee has a bit of an upscale reputation. But don’t let that scare you off! The Yonge location is super warm and welcoming and offers a generous amount of seating for chatting and working. However, the café is known to be constantly packed with business people, so make sure to grab a seat early.

They offer an impressive range of drinks, with one of their seasonal fall drinks being the delicious Turmeric Gold latte pictured above. They offer a seemingly endless assortment of finger sandwiches, pastries, croissants and more—perfect for sharing with a friend.

If you’re looking for somewhere with a nice mood, along with a bit of background noise to reduce those awkward silences, Dineen Coffee is your best bet. The gold accented decor, vested employees and classic, yet modern interior design really brings that timeless, fall ambience.