About Us


Welcome to CanCulture Magazine, an online publication dedicated to bringing you the latest in Canadian arts and culture. CanCulture was founded in 2014 for Canadians with a passion for music, fashion, food or film.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, we continue to build a community for lovers of all things arts and culture to come together to explore, discover and share.

The Goals of CanCulture

At CanCulture, our goal is to promote the Canadian arts and life niche to the rest of the country and the world.  We are an inclusive organization that recognizes the tremendous diversity in Canada and how that is reflected in our music scene, film repertoire, style and cuisine.

At CanCulture, our aim is to provide…

  • Reviews of and insights on the latest films, art, music, food and fashion from Canadian creators
  • Interviews with veterans and up-and-coming artists
  • On-the-ground coverage of Canada’s biggest fashion shows, concerts, and music, art, food and film festivals

Want to know the best eating spots in your city? Interested in up and coming fashion trends? This publication is your go-to-place for all the latest, whether you're a foodie, cinephile, fashionista, music lover, or all of the above! If you're interested in contributing or collaborating with CanCulture, please email us at cancultureinfo@gmail.com.